Back in the Game: Guernsey Vs Isle of Man Confirmed

We are excited to announce that the St Jacques Vikings are back and will be competing in a tournament against the Isle of Man on Saturday 15 August.

Louvre entered into a sponsorship agreement with St Jacques Vikings at the beginning of the 2019/2020 season, which was sadly cut short by the coronavirus pandemic. However, due to the island’s successful management of Covid-19, Guernsey was the first place in the British Isles to host a competitive sporting event since restrictions commenced earlier this year.

After moving into phase 5 of the exit from lockdown in June, contact sports were able to return and the Vikings’ preseason training has been underway ever since.

Guernsey’s rugby community is taking advantage of the air bridge between the two islands, hosting two matches at Footes Lane with the Douglas Rugby Football Club and the Isle of Man Select Club.

Louvre Associate Director Matthew Gilligan said: “We are so pleased to hear St Jacques are once again able to do what they do best and compete.  We’re a proud sponsor of the club and look forward to seeing how they do against the Isle of Man.”

The Douglas side will play Guernsey Raiders men’s team at 2pm and the Isle of Man Select Club will play St Jacques Vikings at 4pm.

It’s going to be a special day for Guernsey rugby and a fun day out for all.

The event is taking place at Footes Lane and gates open at 12pm.


2pm: Guernsey Raiders vs Douglas RFC

4pm: St Jacques Vikings vs Douglas Development

£10 entry.