Sailors Set to Compete in 15th Louvre Sailing Series

Louvre Group is thrilled to be hosting the iconic sailing series for a 15th consecutive year this weekend.

The series is the first of its kind in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the first race taking place on Sunday 20th September and the final race on Sunday 1st November.

The sailing series is an iconic fixture on the local calendar and the long-term sponsorship from Louvre Group has made staging the event possible for over a decade.

Seven races of both yachts and dinghies will make up the race challenge, with competitors accruing points over several weekends throughout September and October. 

The series will see sailors taking on courses in the Little Russel between Brehon Tower and Lower Heads. The classes will contest at least one longer distance race with a navigational element during the series.

Louvre Group CEO Derek Baudains said: “We are delighted that through our support this sailing series can continue, especially after such a challenging year. A few months ago it was looking unlikely that the series could take place safely, but with Guernsey’s fantastic effort to control the virus we can now enjoy the events we all love again so this year is going to be extra special.

“The autumn series provides a platform for not only experienced sailors to test their capabilities but also Guernsey Yacht Club’s younger dinghy sailors.”

Andrew Round, on behalf of the Sailing Committee, said: “The GYC would very much like to thank Derek Baudains and Louvre Group for their continued support of the Club through the sponsorship of the autumn series, we are so pleased it is going ahead again this year.” 

The series culminates on 1st November followed by a prize-giving event.